Monday, June 30, 2008

Party Animals

Today is Hank's birthday but we celebrated last night. The menu included grilled fresh rainbow trout (me), green salad tossed by Hank with Hank's Famous Salad Dressing, potato salad (Jan, Hank's wife), sesame-gingered asparagus (Susan), Anthony's Chocolate Mousse Cake (from Central Market, Hank's choice) with vanilla ice cream and Chocolate Marbled Rum Pie (Susan). And, of course, copious amounts of wine and cheap champagne. There would have been pictures of the desserts but we were too full to get up and find the camera. And the ice cream was melting.

Hank is very active, even though he is now older than dirt. He desperately would like to be thought of as a curmudgeon but loses out because he is basically a nice guy. He is a perfect house sitter and neighbor. He walks for miles nearly everyday, sometimes in the afternoon when intelligent people are staying out of the 98 degree heat. I think he does it then just to make the rest of us look like sissies. He tutors student athletes and is avid about keeping track of the many different sports they participate in. He is an author with several books already published, and contributes to a number of publications. He is very, very smart, reads all the time, knows big words, and does the New York Times crossword puzzles every day without erasing. He also wears good-looking aloha shirts.

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday......Hank!

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Wabbit said...

This is TOO funny. I got here from the Art Unraveled group list because Susan posted about y'all's Moo cards. I kept reading because your blog is so readable. But then I find out that you know my cousin, Hank! Too funny. Maybe I'll see you at AU. I'll only be there on Monday and Tuesday though.

Hank's cousin,