Friday, July 18, 2008

Bookmaking, continued

Definitely Outside My Comfort Zone
Not only can I make books, I can sew books. This book was made in a Coptic Assemblage class at Art & Soul where I had a lot of help from my fellow classmates. There were six needles to manage for stitching the sections together and using just one needle had me flummoxed. My grateful thanks go to Marie Otero who was very patient with me. I never would have finished the book if she'd hadn't given me such generous encouragement.

Susan: It was at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Hampton. Looking down the atrium from the hallway outside our room, the bar and dining area was clearly visible. And there, in the bar area at a table surrounded by five women, was Don, sewing away on his book.

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Lost Aussie said...

Hey Don,
Nice to find you in the land of Blog!
Your book came out beautifully and I'm glad I could help.
Waving Hi to Susan too! Great job on the blog minding :-)
cheers from NYC