Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Art Unraveled Shrinking Violets

Several years ago Susan was in Lesley Riley's Fabric Books class at the Quilt Festival in Houston. At the break she was talking to someone else in the class and found out not only did the woman live in Austin, she lived just 6 blocks away from us. That was Janis. Janis told Susan she had been to some classes at something called Art Unraveled and that was how it all started for Susan and then for me. Carol is a good friend of Janis. And Carol's husband, Morrie, does welding at the same shop I do. Small world. Or is it Six Degrees of Separation?

Both Janis and Carol are camera-shy. However, under protest, here is a picture of Janis's beautiful bracelet from Susan Lenart Kazmer's Weaving Wire Metal Structures class. Carol thought she could get away with revealing nothing of her talents but Susan conned her out of 2 of her Moo cards. Not a great enlargement but you can see just how creative she is.

Ladies, you can run but you can't hide from my blog!

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