Friday, December 5, 2008

Street Art

Susan speaks:
I like Street Art but only when it's creative, done well or makes me smile. Some people call it graffiti, some people call it stencil art or spray can art, some people call it subversive art. Whatever you call it, it is a contemporary product of our urban culture

These pictures show a commissioned Street Art product.


Robyn said...

Speak of the devil. I was just about to enquire after you Susan.Wondering what you've been creating lately.
I agree about the street art. If it's not worth a second glance it should be painted over.

Philip said...

It's strange but I have been photographing graffiti in both Alicante and Valencia. The main area of my interest, however, has become the signatures and marks of what is universally regarded as vandalism. There is something intriguing to me about the gestures people make and they are often very similar to those used in great works of art (eg Antoni Tapies). Taken together with peeling paint and crumbling walls they say something together about the passage of time. I think it is this that fascinates me.

Jo said...

I love well done graffiti too. My art group are looking for an artist who could graffiti some old corrugated iron with our art group name on it, for our upcoming exhibition!!! These are wonderful examples Susan...thanks.