Monday, January 19, 2009

Politics in Sicily

I was looking over my Sicily pictures so I could show you more about our trip there when I noticed something unusual (to an American, anyway) in the background of this one.

The picture was taking in an open market in the center of a town called Catania, not far from a restaurant whose specialty was horse meat. Although the posters look like they were torn off I don't know if they were just wearing off or were torn off by a rival party worker. There are LOTS of political parties and candidates in Italian politics. They make our ballots look really slim.

At the time we were there the Italians were getting ready to vote in their big national election so there were posters everywhere. I might not be totally accurate about this but here are two trivia facts I learned:

1) They vote on Saturday. No problem about getting off work or disrupting school.
2) All TV election/campaign advertising has to end 5 days before the election.

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