Sunday, March 22, 2009

SXSW Wraps Up

SXSW is winding down. Basketball has its March Madness, we have our own version here in Austin. Who showed up? Kayne West, Jane's Addiction, Metallica, Tori Amos, Devo, The Proclaimers, and the Oak Ridge Boys, all playing their sets for the same $250 fee that all the other 1,893 name and start-up bands paid.

Who are some of the up-and-coming names that got good buzz (not that I would know, just quoting here, but watch for them, SXSW is a pretty good incubator): Brooklyn's Grizzly Bears, Scotland's Glasvegas, Jonelle Monae, and Ladyhawke.

Who else showed up? Rachel Ray threw a mojito party for the New York Dolls, Perez Hilton (who?) was here and so were the Miller Lite Girls. Parties were also hosted by Mashable, Facebook, and Google.

What was a lot of the buzz about? Moo cards, Poken and Foursquare. The latest word on The-Latest-Interactive-Thing is that if politicians and celebrities (Oprah has a Facebook page, Ellen and Diddy Twitter) do it on daytime TV, how uncool has it become?

The biggest glitch? AT&T didn't have enough bandwidth and iPhone coverage was erratic.

What, if anything associated with SXSW -- Film, Interactive or Music -- was actually in my miniscule Semi-Aware-Of brain section? The Miller Lite Girls! Actually, I like some of The Proclaimers (500 Miles, I'm On My Way). But (and I know you know this), Susan is the one to tell me all about this stuff and keep me vaguely current. I haven't twittered yet but one of these days I AM going to learn how to text.

These pictures are from Austin Art Garage's Art Rock City, an unofficial day show they had for the SXSW art fans this afternoon. AAG is the gallery that shows my work (here). A typical Austin crowd, Joel Ganuchenau (gallery co-founder) playing, and yours truly helping contribute to the recycle bin.

Now a final closing note for all you aging hippies: Austin, being its typical self and SXSW encompassing everything it can, had a Million Musicians March for Peace on Saturday. The Grand Marshal was Wavy Gravy, of Woodstock and of the Hog Farm. Does SXSW have any claim to being the first to have an eclectic mix of musicians for its line-ups? Nope. Woodstock's closing two acts were Sha-Na-Na followed by Jimi Hendrix.

Dream on, SXSW children, you'll never come close to my generation's Woodstock.

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OMG, Wavy Gravy's still around!
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