Tuesday, May 12, 2009

On the Road Again

Nope, not us.

We took off on our annual BRT (Big Road Trip) last month. Susan made sure you had something to look at while we were gone but now you'll be entertained by pictures of what we saw when we remembered to take the camera with us. And had fresh batteries in it. And the card.

We'd been on the road for three days, going through Virginia when we made a pit stop. Susan, who will talk to anyone, even a rotting corpse, saw this guy polishing his motorcycle and went up to ask him just how long he thought it would stay clean while he was on the highway. Because she grew up in a military family and did a lot of moving around as a kid, she is never surprised when connections easily happen. It seems like military "brats" somehow always find a link where ever they go. On a highway 1500+ miles from Austin and we wind up talking to Texans!

Al and Debbie were on their way from Midland, Texas, to Rhode Island for his Navy reunion. All I can say is that he has a lot more stamina than I do. And a VERY immaculate motorcycle.

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Robyn said...

Amazing looking bike! Speaking of Virginia...one of my carved doors is on it's way there now.