Monday, July 13, 2009

Man and Metal in Motion

My Blog Wrangler, Susan, has figured out video!!! Yes, I am real! The music you hear in the background is She Ain't Me by Carrie Rodriguez.

My workspace is one large corner of her studio space. I have strict orders to keep flames and clay out of the house so all my ceramics and soldering work is done in the garage. But here in her studio I can work in air-conditioned comfort and you see me working on bezels like I showed you in a previous post.

The painting shown above and in the video is by James Janknegt, an Austin artist. Susan bought it for me the 10th year I was in the corporate world. At that time it cost us an amount we could NOT afford and it scared us both enough that I worked even harder, thus becoming even more like the man in the picture. The scene is downtown Austin, next to IH 35, and the figure in the car is a woman.


Diane O. said...

That has the look of a real studio not an extra bedroom that has been converted into a computer room/work space. Am I turning green?

Lost Aussie said...

You look very calm and happy with your jeweller's saw! Thanks for the real-time peek!

ArtPropelled said...

Fantastic studio! I'm so grateful for a short dial up usually drives me nuts but this was easy. Love the painting and Don you're looking pretty industrious!
Thanks for the video Susan!