Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Garden Goddesses

Evelyn, Martha and Doris have all gone off to the gallery. I was sad to see them go but sometimes you just have to stop having emotional attachments to your creations. And letting them go motivates me to create more.

That's Evelyn in the front. I wanted to name the piece Everett and tell you his expression would show you what it means to have to please two women at once. Susan is my Blog Wrangler and my photo-onto-computer person so she has power. I got "The Look" as she typed in "Evelyn". Not Everett.


ArtPropelled said...

I happen to know an Evelyn with the same set mouth (is she gritting her teeth?). I can see why you would be attached to these pieces. They are full of personality.

layers said...

It is nice to have some humor today-- your pieces have so much character and personality. and the textures-- love them.