Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Phoenix, Miscellaneous

This ceramic sculpture is by Sergie Isupov and we were fortunate enough to find time while we were in Phoenix to see an exhibit of his work. When I think of my work and of his work I am fully aware we are in different stratospheres in terms of technical ability. I can only dream.

It was the first week in August when we were in Phoenix and it was hot. Very hot. Oh, but it was dry heat. As if that matters.

At one rest stop on the way into Phoenix we encountered the vicious wildlife shown in the short video above. Susan followed this guy around with her camera, right up to the door of the men's room where he tried to hide. Obviously he wasn't too crazy about papparazzi. As usual, Susan talked to everyone there at the rest stop so that's how we found out this was a kangaroo rat, named that because he looks like a kangaroo when he hops away.

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ArtPropelled said...

Beautiful sculpture ....quaint little kangaroo rat.