Friday, November 6, 2009


13 dead and 30 wounded, by one of their own.

Fort Hood is the largest active U.S. military installation, and the only post on American soil with two combat divisions. Located in the heart of Texas about 60 miles north of Austin, the 340-square-mile post is home to more than 65,000 soldiers and their families - and thousands of civilian employees.

The installation's troops have borne some of the heaviest burdens in America's wars. Thousands of soldiers from the 1st Cav and other units at the sprawling fort have served multiple combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Diane O. said...

It is very sad. When I was first in the service I used to like to stay off base when I was on official travel since you'd get more in per diem reimbursement. As I got older I liked the comfort of staying on base and feeling secure that I could walk or run without harm. That's changed now but hopefully will change back in time.