Saturday, December 19, 2009

Button Eyes

My "dudes" have different eyes that I like to make with objects I've found or made. Not long ago I was in Houston for the International Quilt Festival and I wandered through all the vendors' displays (more than 700!), looking for stuff that I could use. I found these buttons and plan to figure out how to make a mold of them so I can use them for eye marks or other types of texture marks.


Lorena said...

Hey kids, we've got a lot in common;funny relationship stuff,ceramics, similar musical taste. I liked Susan's blog- couldn't find room for comment on it though

layers said...

what a great idea for your dudes-- and in general-- the buttons look Asian to me-- perhaps everything looks asian to me :-)
peaceful new year to you.

Seth said...

Looks like some good finds!