Sunday, April 18, 2010

ACC Student Art Sale

The ACC (Austin Community College) Student Art Sale is Tuesday, April 20, from 9 -5 at the Rio Grande Campus (12th and Rio Grande). If you live in Austin, please come by because I have a table and will be selling lots of stuff. Stuff that includes Nichos, small cups, some sculptures, etc. Over the next few days I'll show pictures of the pieces. The reason I haven't posted them earlier is that I've just finally taken a lot of them.

The question I have been asked more than once is this:
If your Blog Wrangler has set you up with an Etsy shop why are you selling at this Student Art Show instead of through your Etsy shop?

The answers are these:
1) By "purchasing" a table at the ACC Student Art Sale I will be helping out the school's scholarship fund.
2) Some of the pieces I'm selling are too big or too fragile to sell to anyone who has to have them shipped to them.
3) Because I have low traffic to my blog I don't think I'd have much traffic to an Etsy shop and thus the pieces wouldn't sell and that would screw up my self-confidence.
4) Because I'm lazy and techno-phobic and techno-ignorant and would make my Blog Wrangler handle all the details and she does enough for me by just keeping up this blog.

None of this excuses the fact that I do have loyal Readers who voiced interest in some of my work and I've not followed through. If that's you, Blog Reader, mea culpa.


Sherry Goodloe said...

Ooooooooh I love how everything looks all lined up here on this blog post! :)

janis said...

Ok, Don, here's what I want: the white cup with the little circles, 1st left on the 2nd row, the turquoise one middle bottom row, the green nicho left on the top row, and the rust colored one, left on the bottom row. Just hide them for me until I can get there.


janis said...

And do I have to get your blog wrangler to handle this for me?


Angie in AZ said...

Well, I know I have told you before but I'm telling you again... I LOVE your work and would be thrilled to own some pieces. I think you could sell your stuff straight from your blog!

Have you ever done any kind of wall pockets? Or any of your cool faces that hang on the wall?

Love the pieces you posted. My problem would be choosing. Seriously.

ArtPropelled said...

I feel slightly miffed that I can't get to your table at the Student Sale. Your work looks wonderful all lined up here, Don.

magpie said...

ohhhh frustration.
love them all.