Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Nub Cup

A Nub Cup starts out looking like this, the reddish color is from the clay (Longhorn Red), the nubs have wax on their points to keep any glaze off and are circled with Black Magic glaze.

This is why glazing is always a mystery. Here you can see that I've poured Moss Green glaze over the entire piece. The points of the waxed nubs are resisting the glaze and the Black Magic circles are covered up with the Moss Green glaze. The mystery to me is how does a glaze that looks rust colored wind up looking greenish blue? There is point where you have done everything you can and you surrender the piece to the Kiln Gods and Goddesses, who make the final decision as to what the piece will look like.

In this final piece the nubs have remained unglazed and the Black Magic in the circles around the nubs edges out to show a little bit of dark blue and mixes with the Moss Green to give it variation. The inside is mainly Black Magic with some overcoating of Moss Green.