Sunday, July 11, 2010

Just Call Me Uri

Remember Uri Geller? He was a paranormalist who used his mind to bend spoons. And I used Wikipedia to find out what a paranormalist was.

Anyway, I bend spoons, but not with my mind., although I do a lot of thinking about what the design will be.  The interesting part is how the back of the spoon looks after I've soldered on it, like the one above. The one below was the first one I did. No clay this summer, all jewelry class instead.


ArtPropelled said...

Love these pieces!

lyle baxter said...

your spoons are wonderful! Its grand to see a change of pace!I have enjoyed the clay too from the wonderful #1 blogger, robyn. thanks for sharing your spoon bending!

Lost Aussie said...

Much cooler work - the bending of spoons! I like the direction you are taking these. Very interesting objects.

magpie said...

whoa! these totally weird me out.
i mean, totally.

something about them distresses me
in the extreme and i can't explain it.

and of course that's an amazing reaction for an art object to have - it isn't a criticism at all.

Seth said...

Oh these are very, very cool!