Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pink Stuff

Earlier this month Seth had us all doing Buried Treasure and my entry referenced the fact that pink and girly stuff just didn't fit into my Scheme of Things. I got Comments and emails where everyone told me it was OK to not "do pink", in fact a lot of women told me they didn't "do pink" at all.

Confession time:
Sometimes I do pink.
Specifically, I have pink African Violets.

Susan won't even touch them and rolls her eyes everytime I start watering or trimming them. Then she'll say, "Please, please, don't tell anyone I know that you keep African Violets. Those are Granny plants!"

I have one pink, one purple, and one white plant. I've actually had five but I've given two away in the last year. They love me! I have abandoned them for over 28 days while on vacation and (much to Susan's dismay) they were still alive when I got home. They have survived my over and under watering, my attempt to feed them compost (that made lots of gnats!) and erratic air conditioning and heat. I may have to give them names.


Diane O. said...

Guess I've been a granny for a long time. I've got two African Violets hubby got me when I got my last promotion. One flowers on a regular basis the other now and then.

Lost Aussie said...

Yep, hate to tell you Susan, but even I have African Violets and mine flower too!