Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Enhancing Your Retirement

In a previous life my business card included the initials ChFC after my name. That meant I was a Chartered Financial Consultant and was able to help you set up a financial plan for your retirement.  I studied on weekends for over 3 years to take the tests required to earn those initials. For your benefit, and yours alone, I will give you the sum total of all my knowledge:

Pay off your credit card debt now. And don't let it happen again.
Prepay against your mortgage.
Stop buying so many pairs of shoes. You can only wear one pair at a time anyway.
Don't eat out so much.
Don't go to the movies, use Netflix instead.
Use the library instead of buying so many books.
Save your money.

Thanks to Mabel Dean's clever advice I now can save money on paper towels. We always try to buy the kind that is perforated to be half sheets and Susan swears the manufacturers cheat and set the perforations  up so as to make you tear off two sheets. In Phoenix I was in a class with Mabel and saw how she brought in her small paper towel roll. Yes! As soon as I got back to the room I got out my jeweler's saw and went to work on the roll I had.

Susan says that not only does it make it easier to pack up for art supplies, it can also function as elephant toilet paper, just in case you find an elephant that needs some.


ArtPropelled said...

I'll be sure to remember :-) .... about the elephant toilet paper , I mean.

Diane O. said...

Here's a few more tips. Brown bag your lunch to work. Not only will you save $$ but you won't have to eat fatty/salty fast food. You can also rent movies from many libraries. And don't forget to support your local library when they have a Friends of the Library Booksale. The money they raise goes back to the library to support things that aren't in the library budget.

Lost Aussie said...

I think we are doing pretty well on most points, but I DO like to go out to the movies!
I like the half roll idea - that one is a keeper!

Seth said...

Elephant toilet paper - LOL!!

martha brown said...

Well, I go to the library weekly. I watch tv and movies on tv -- and maybe go to the movie theatre twice a year. I eat out once a month or so. Bring my lunch to work...
Well, I do have a few extra pairs of shoes... and don't always pay my credit card bill off in full (hey, I have to pay for ArtUnraveled somehow :) But I just bought my house and upped my payments to twice a month and took 10 years off of my mortgage! I love the half a roll of paper towel idea!!!! But if I saw it in half like you are in your picture -- I'm sure to saw a big slice in the chair too !