Saturday, September 18, 2010

One Weekend

This is Austin, my city. Early, very early on Sunday mornings I head out on my bike, riding north toward the Turtle Pond on the University campus. 

We have a pedestrian/bike bridge over Town Lake which has been renamed "Lady Bird Lake" but anyone who's been here for a while often has a hard time remembering to say that and besides, since we already have a Lake LBJ, why didn't we name this one "Lake Lady Bird"?  The city is belatedly adding on an extension (seen in the background) so that anyone crossing the bridge can continue on to north side of the city, especially on to Whole Foods where coffee waits for me on the way back. 
The people in this house must have been watching too much HGTV and think this thing is will give the house curb appeal in spite of the burglar bars on the windows.
At the pond the pods are still there and so are my turtles. This guy definitely remembered me, because he disappeared under water as soon as possible.


Dyche Designs said...

The butterfly outside the house made me giggle, love the turtle.

Sharmon Davidson said...

Austin looks beautiful! I haven't been there, but now I definitely want to go!