Monday, September 13, 2010

Seth's StudioScapes

A while back Seth asked me if I would give him some feedback for The Pulse. When Seth asks, I just say "When do you want it?" and don't even worry about the What or the Why.  The photo on his website was taken about 10 months ago so I thought I'd update you with what my studio looks like now.

Actually, my studio is one side of our garage. Susan's car has permanent dings in her door because she has to squeeze her car into that side. If you compare the photo on Seth's blog and these photos you'll see that I've acquired a new bulletin board and added more stuff to my shelves. The other studio area I have is inside and I share it with Susan. That's where I do my jewelry work and where my Bisley is.

 I'm still working on Little Dudes. These are the first two (unfired) I've made in about 5 months -- I'm back!


ArtPropelled said...

Glad the dudes are back!

Dyche Designs said...

You're workspace was the one that really jumped out at me . . . love taking a peek into others work spaces.

Sharmon Davidson said...

Oh, goodie- I love the dudes! I'm a little freaked out, though, by how very neat and organized your studio is... I guess I'd better go clean up!

Seth said...

Great new shots of your space. Cool to see how it is set up and what you have on the shelves. And extra cool to see those two little dudes. Welcome back!!