Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Make your New Year's resolution something you can actually achieve without starving or sweating -- recycle creatively!  Go here to get inspired. And definitely here. Eventually I'll figure out Tumblr.

Celebrate safely and have a Happy New Year!

Susan, The Blog Wrangler, speaks:
Here's a Resolution for you -- This year try not to mess up the environment with your acrylic paints.
Here's how to make that easy for yourself -- get yourself a teflon oven liner (sample here). Cut it in half. Or maybe not. (It all depends on how much table room you have.) Use it as a paint palette, as spot to squeeze out your glue/medium/goop, as a backdrop for your adhesive spray. It will work much better than the knee of your jeans or even the back of your hand. I know this and don't ask me how. When you are finished, let the pain/glue dry. When it's dry, use the edge of an old credit card or stiff piece of cardboard to scrape the dry stuff off and dump it in the trash. Ta-dah! A clean surface to use all over again and you didn't have to wash it.  Even Scotch brand Super 77 spray adhesive will come off this (use masking tape to sticky it off). And, if you are a really creative person, this is the best way to make acrylic "skins" to reapply to stuff.

P.S. No, Don won't figure out Tumblr. He's still struggling to figure out just where the clouds are that are doing computing for him.


Leslie Avon Miller said...

Tumbler - I email my images. Then I edit them to add the link. It's the only way I can make it work.....
Happy New Year and thanks for the tip.

Lost Aussie said...

Tumblr is odd. I sort of just let it run me.
Happy New Year to you both.
xox M&R

Sharmon Davidson said...

Susan, I just bookmarked that oven liner- great idea!

magpie said...

oh no. am i supposed to learn about tumblr?