Saturday, April 9, 2011

Raku Angry Bird

I have an iPhone. Better than that, Susan put Angry Birds on it for me. I still am not sure how you make a phone call to anyone other than Speed Dial 1 or 2 (our house or Susan), thanks to the special app she put on it. I'm sure there are numbered buttons for dialing somewhere but for now I can call home and I know how to answer it. That's all I need.

We play Angry Birds but Susan has been convinced (Thanks a lot, Magpie!) that you can't move forward until you have 3 stars on a level. Forget that! One is good enough for me. As soon as Susan saw this piece she insisted it was an Angry Bird. His head looks different because it comes off (he's really a pot) and it reacted to the glazing a little more.

This piece has been glazed and fired as raku, which means "Play With Lots Of Fire". You get the piece glowing hot in a kiln and then use tongs to take it out and stuff it in barrel filled with newspapers. They start to blaze and you immediately cover it up to snuff out the fire and some sort of chemical magic happens and the carbon gets into the glaze crackles. You can't exactly plan anything because whatever the Raku Gods and the Fire Gods want to do, they can and they will. So at the same time that's a drawback, it also makes your pieces come out with some fascinating effects.

Other good things happening in my life are:
1) Our landline is dead so no phone calls will wake me up from my nap today.  Yea!
We put through the repair request this morning (Friday) and the reply was "Your repair should be attempted by 7:00 p.m on Wednesday." Thank you, AT&T, for such responsive customer service -- is this your way of telling us to drop our landline now that we have iPhones?
2) Susan put Osmos on my iphone.
This could turn out to be more time-wasting than Angry Birds.


martha brown said...

This is so funny! Today I am making Angry Birds from Pom poms to make a game for the K kids.
Here's the link
I'll be hiding some plastic eggs under the cups and the kids have to read the word on the egg before they can open it for a prize...

I'd just cancel the land line if I was you....

magpie said...

i never said you HAD to get three stars, just that, um, that's where i was.

no more.

the latest upgrade,
Ham 'em High - whew!

sosolobi said...

what a character, certainly with an attitude. Love it.