Thursday, April 14, 2011

Take My Pitcher

These guys didn't sell. They are about 6" and 5" tall and were priced at $15 each. I almost didn't want to give them up. Also, the brown ones below didn't sell. These little guys are only about 3-4" high and were priced at $10 each.

But this pitcher did sell, about 6" tall, priced at $15. 

Here's what Donna (of Layers) said in her comment:
" ... used to do art fairs years ago and I remember the same phenom-- my least favorite paintings selling first and my favorite ones coming home- can be goofy I know."

Yep, goofy is the best way to describe it. But at least I made some sales.

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ArtPropelled said...

Usually I go for the wabi sabi look but this time the one that did sell is my favourite. I also used to do the market scene many moons ago and often the piece I nearly ditched would sell first.