Saturday, May 14, 2011

Little Dudes Again (Dude-ettes?)

These two pieces went over to Austin Art Garage last week. The one below is Abby, named after the Goth character on NCIS, and she probably looks familiar, as I've posted her picture before.  The one above is Agatha.

Coming soon (stay tuned!) will be highlights from our trip to New York City. Were you wondering why we flew out twice within 30 days to two different cities? Good question. The other question might be wondering what happened to our spring BRT (Big Road Trip).

The BRT, a good 20-26 day trip (with only about 5 days of staying with family), was carefully calculated. We didn't go to Hampton Art and Soul this year  because I took most of the classes I wanted at AdornMe. Hotels continue to increase their costs. Gas costs more. A lot more.  Do the math. We came out ahead by planning ahead and buying cheap airline tickets and doing the best we could on room rates. Museums in New York City are expensive. Museums in Washington DC are free. Do the math again.  We still came out ahead. But we do miss having that slow unfolding vista of our country as we drove east.

Susan says Blogger is still acting funky. Yeah, right. Like I would know.


Sherry Goodloe said...

Hi Don - love your dude-ettes :) Tell Susan I said hello. Keep creating xo

Seth said...

Great, great pieces. I look forward to hearing about your most recent trip!