Monday, June 13, 2011

Man With A Mission

I wanted to have some definitive texture on the clay slabs I rolled out so Susan begged some spare canvas from an artist friend and we bought some other pieces of canvas and burlap at HobbyLobby. I cut them into pieces a little bigger than some plywood boards I had and I'll wrap the boards and staple-gun the cloth into place on the back.  I need several boards covered because I use both red and white clays and sometimes they get pretty wet from the clay.

The pieces I cut were all raggedy and had lots of loose threads on them so I asked Susan if she could fix the edges for me. "No problem! Let me get out my serger and we'll see what we can do." Notice the word "we" in her response to me.

Ten minutes later I was a serging fool! I like the serger -- it's has a sharp edge that can whack your fingers, it goes really fast and is loud. It's just like guy power tools!