Friday, December 9, 2011

Time Warner: Pitcher This

Susan is bouncing off the walls so I picked these pictures all by myself for this blog entry. This is a raku pitcher I made, about 14" high. I liked making it but don't think I'll make any more of them soon because I've got another concept idea in mind. Stay tuned.

Why is Susan bouncing off the walls? Three words: Time Warner Cable.

1) Our online printed bill comes with 4 pages.
Page 1 is the summary of the costs and Page 3 gives the current service pricing.
Any good reason why Page 1 says the billed Standard Cable TV cost is $67.99 but the Listing of Service Prices page says $65.99 would be the cost?  They have no idea but they will "research the issue".

2) Five years ago they started using my Social Security number as a password for account information.
She insisted they stop using that and let her designate a specific password. That worked fine until today when they told her they had no record of any password whatsoever and she'd have to give up my birthdate for account access.

3) She had the nerve to ask what she had to do IF she decided to cancel the cable TV service and just keep the internet service.
There will be a $39.99 charge to do that.
What if she canceled both the TV and the internet service (all the services we have with them), thereby closing out the account?
There will be a $39.99 charge to do that.

4) About 5 minutes after she hung up, the phone rang with an automated survey about her "experience" with Time Warner.
She had to answer the various questions by pressing 1 for "Absolutely No" and a number up to 10 for " I Love You" (or something like that).
When they asked a question like "Would you recommend our service?" she would press 1.
Everytime she pressed 1 for a reply, the automated survey would then say "You pressed 1. This means Absolutely No. Are you sure this is correct? Press 1 if yes ...."


E J Brown said...

Susan.....totally know what you mean with TW.....gotta love them.....not sure they understand the concept of CS....the right hand never seems to know what the left hand has done!! Could trade stories with you.....maybe will next time I'm back in Austin....we'll do lunch maybe!!

ArtPropelled said...

Susan must be pulling her hair out!
Don this raku pitcher is one of my favourites. Hope your new concept is as good.

Sharmon Davidson said...

Too funny! I can see why Susan is so aggravated, though. This is yet another reason why I don't have cable.
I love the pitcher- make more! make more! Well, OK, make whatever you want, then...