Thursday, November 29, 2012


This is the chunk of wood I started with.

This is the middle phase of working on it.

More pictures to come ... as soon as I take them.  The piece is finished except for the final last tweak that will make it more than just a piece of wood.  That tweak has not yet been figured out.

Bananas? Susan taught me this trick that she learned from her grandfather.  When you have a banana and it is just the right ripeness but you aren't ready to eat it, put it in the refrigerator. It will turn really brown after a few days. But, surprise, surprise! When you peel it it will still be almost perfect (shown below, just a little bit of brown starting in the middle, from a banana that spent amost 5 days in the refrigerator).

We often tell people this trick and they usually don't believe us. People! Here is the proof:

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