Friday, January 18, 2013

Giving It Away

Can you see it here? No, it's not in here because this is the Before picture. But I can promise you it is within walking distance of where I live now.  Check the last (After) picture below.

When we did our major downsizing and moved I sold a lot of my ceramic art. I also got brave enough to throw some away (they were really bad pieces).  But a lot got packed up and came with me and they were supplemented with everything I made during the summer and this past fall. 

Not a problem, Susan said, just make shelves to put the pieces on. I knew I was in trouble when she kept laughing when she said that.  There isn't any more wall space to put shelves on in our apartment! We have shelves everywhere with stuff on them, shelves over the doors (I now know how to drill into steel studs), shelves on the walls, shelves over the toilet....

A lot of the stuff is not really that fancy or maybe I've moved on to doing it differently or maybe it didn't work out the way I wanted. No, it can't go on my Etsy shop, it's too hard to ship it successfully and if it's a Dude that didn't suffer a catastrophe in the kiln it's at the gallery.

We have devised a new plan: Giving it away. Secretly. Anonymously.
The trick is that you have to find it.

Hint: It's one of my Penguin Pods, about 6" high.



layers said...

I think I see it next to the stump :-)

Don Madden said...

Good eyes!

Jeanie Thorn said...

OMG, Don, that's a fabulous idea. What a great way to spread art into the world.