Monday, April 1, 2013

Gone and Giving It Away

Ernesti has gone from the gallery to a new home, taking his shell with him.

And so has Kathai.

But for no reason whatsoever, this Give-Away piece is still in place after more than a month.

This spot is on a busy corner and has a bus stop just a few feet away.  Go figure.

I'm reading Dog Stars by Peter Heller. Definite 5-Star book, very unusual and surreal, definitely holding my attention..


martha brown said...

I took Dog Stars out of the library -- I'm about 1/4 of the way through. I'm really enjoying it. Hope I don't have to see that happen... I'll be one of the first to go, I get sick just by looking at someone who is sick :) Having said that, I am all ready for the apocalypse. I have a typewriter (so I can write a novel, lol) AND I have a treadle sewing machine -- so I can repair clothes. No need to MAKE clothes. I have enough right now to last 3 lifetimes :)

martha brown said...

Finished Dog Stars -- EXCELLENT book -- thanks for the recommendation. I've passed it on to Ray to read before I return it to the library. What are we reading next?

Anonymous said...

if I lived in texas I would roam the streets of austin JUST to grab one of these give aways!!!!