Monday, July 29, 2013

Give-Aways and The Ghostbikes

This is a Ghostbike. You can see a documentary about them here. This is our pedestrian/bicycle bridge spanning Lady Bird Lake, recently named after the wife of the former President. He had a lake named after him, Lake Lyndon B. Johnson but everyone calls it Lake LBJ. So why didn't we call this Lake Lady Bird?  There's no good reason for that weirdness but anyway it used to be called Town Lake because it divided the town. Duh.
Moving along folks, it's not exactly a lake, it's the Colorado River.  Pay attention, boys and girls, because this will be on your final exam:   The Colorado River is the 18th longest river in the United States and the longest river with both its start and ending within Texas. If you put dams on it you create reservoirs and then you can call all those places lakes.  Austin big-wigs can call it whatever they want but us long-time Austinites still call it Town Lake and EVERYONE refers to living south/north of "the river" or "crossing the river".
Back to the Ghostbike: Here's a close-up and the weird thing is that when I placed the Sweater Child (Remember them? Go here if you forgot.)down there I had the front (opening) facing away from the bike. Someone picked it up and turned it around. It's been there for over two weeks now. 

Here's another Ghostbike I found in Austin:

I placed the Sweater Child a few weeks ago and took these pictures then. I went back and looked at the bike this past weekend. The weird thing here is that the city mowed the grass around the bike and carefully replaced the Sweater Child. Somehow, someone is making a connection between lost children.

Is there a reason why sometimes I can take a great close-up with my iPhone but most of the time my pictures are lousy looking? Susan told me that for a change she didn't have to do any tweaking at all of the photo except to reduce the size for the blog. Go figure.

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