Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sad Guys, Happy Guys

Two new happy Mousies, right? Wrong -- look harder.

When little Mousies are being raku fired in a hot kiln and fall onto each other they will pull the glaze off each other where they touched. Sad mousies. I'd be a lot sadder if I was trying to make a living doing this stuff. As it is, the only damage, other than the mousies, is to my ego.  I was quite sure I had the Kiln Goddess on my side. How could I have forgotten how fickle some women (No, not you, Susan) are?

My little hedgehogs are actually whistles, a feat I have been working on for weeks. I read several articles about how to make ceramic whistles and watched some YouTube videos on it and finally can get it right. These guys still need to be fired.


Nan G said...

The mousies aren't maybe but not them. They are wonderful. Love the dark crackle on them. Oh the hedgie whistles are so cute!

Seth said...

Nothing sad at all about these mice! And those hedgehogs are way cool already!

ArtPropelled said...

The mice are beautiful. Wabi sabi is in.... but I do understand your disappointment.