Sunday, August 24, 2014

Art Unraveled - Chris Cozen's Class

Chris Cozen is a very patient and calm instructor. She brings lots of materials for students to use and is a representative for Golden Paints so you get a wealth of good information.  We started out by spreading colors around on paper and learning a lot about the properties of the paint, color mixing and composition.  Above is the final, below is its start:

Later in the class we developed the experimental works into images and themes that were of our own particular interest. I went with the map concept. I told Chris I didn't want to do any "girly" colors and yet I have pink in my work! How did that happen? Below is start and then finish:

The one below was a lesson with Golden Flow acrylics - I didn't finish it but I think I can transform this into another one of my maps eventually.
(Susan speaks: I've taken the picture 3 times and uploaded it 3 different ways. Somehow it still is getting a moiré pattern on it, with or without tweaking in Picasa and/or Adobe Photoshop. It is just on a plain white canvas. Go figure.)
Sitting next to me in class was Marlene from Phoenix. Marlene entertains me with fascinating, hilarious catastrophe stories about her life and family and always manages to make me laugh.  She does really nice work:
Art Unraveled is held at an Embassy Suites which makes me very happy because I can get a really big breakfast and meet up with my Posse, which includes Carol (on the right) from Dripping Springs, TX, and Betsy from New Hampshire. I'd like to tell you the names of the other women in my Posse but they probably would prefer to keep their activities from their husbands/boyfriends - that's why their backs are to the camera.  Breakfast is the time when we all get a chance to visit with each other and just catch up what's happening in other classes. Where's Susan? Other than taking this picture she was probably sitting with other people and catching up on their class info. In the mornings it's like Happy Hour socializing, but with lots of coffee instead of a drink.

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