Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday Mornings

A bike ride to the Turtle Pond on the UT camputs. The turtles, pods, flowers and bees could not care less about the score of last night's football game.

Then the reward. That's my wimpy bike there. I look like an old man riding it. Oops, I am an old man riding it. For years I had a road bike with skinny tires and lots of gears and no basket on the back. When I rode I was bent over in that aerodynamic biking position and all I saw was lots of road. Now I sit up straight, see loads of interesting stuff and can carry stuff back in my basket. One of the distinct pleasures of growing old is not giving a damn about what you look like.

Or what you eat, since you are on the downhill slide of life anyway.

Still working on these pods/squash for a special friend and her family.

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