Monday, January 26, 2015

Feed Me. Now!

Susan gave me a Fitbit for Christmas. Guess why.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Yes, We Are Still Here

In November we made it back to New York City and to Washington, DC. for our museum viewing.  I frantically worked on pieces for our student art sale - about half of them sold. I kept some for the next sale and the rest are slowly being distributed as Give-Aways. Susan frantically sewed 5 baby quilts and one large quilt she'd promised by Christmas time (well, some of them wound up being New Year's gifts).  Right after New Year's we made it to Crystal Bridges Museum without getting caught in any of the winter storms. Later this week we head back to Houston for more museum looking and after that, a day in San Antonio. And THEN, school begins again for me. These pictures are proof that I have actually been accomplishing something.

Susan speaks: Yes, your Blog Wrangler has been less than diligent. Many thanks to the faithful viewers for your comments. Google and Yahoo have been conspiring to make things very difficult, especially commenting on your blogs.  Sorry about that but why the hell can't they leave things alone!?!  It used to be simple.

He was going to make a New Year's resolution to do more viewing of people's blogs but now he's been distracted by the Fitbit I gave him for Christmas. He thought it would help him lose weight but all he does now is exercise more and then eat more. And life goes on.