Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween

Trick or Treat! Give me candy and give it to me now.  OK, I'll settle for a rum and coke.

Another Train Traveler:

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Everything But

Birdies, largest is about 3 inches high.

Susan's new addiction.  You know it has to be good when a person who doesn't like candy bars buys 10 of them and then hides them so I can't eat them.

More train travelers:

Monday, October 26, 2015

More Train Travelers

We had a lot of rain lately but I put these guys up before it started so I hope they traveled somewhere dry.

My friend Hank had his birthday recently and we made sure his cake had the appropriate number of candles.  He has beat the life expectancy statistics and tries his best to be a curmudgeon, which is sort of hard for him because he's basically a nice guy.

Say hello to Emma and Roger.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Train Power!

First it was Train Children.  Then it was Train Flowers. Now it's Train Toys!

They get some minor surgery to insert a long cable tie halfway through their middle so they can be fastened on the train.  No, the train isn't moving when they hitch their ride.  There is a stopping area not too far from where we live and if I'm lucky there might be a train there on the weekend.

Susan just shakes her head and mutters strange things when I come home on Saturdays with a bag full of stuff.  The best toys come from garage sales I find while riding my bike.  At one sale I saw a few and asked the little boy standing there with his mother if he had any more.  He ran back inside and came back with a whole bunch of them.  Of course I bargained the price down but I think his mother was glad to get rid of them.

There are still Train Children.

When I ride my bike now I'm prepared with flowers, toys and Train Children -- just in case a train is sitting.  If you ever see a train, look for them.  Susan yells at me to not look at them if we see them while driving.  She knows that if I ever actually see anything I had put on a train I'd probably wreck the car.

I'm still making birds.

Friday, October 2, 2015

I Draw, I Watercolor, She Sleeps

I've been reading Art Before Breakfast by Danny Gregory.  He was a speaker at ArtUnraveled in August and his talk sort of motivated me to ... well, read his book instead of making art before breakfast. No, actually, he was very interesting and I like it when I hear a guy talking about drawing and mixed media because usually it's women who predominate at the art events I go to.

Anyway, the other night Susan was already asleep when I was reading Danny's book. We drastically downsized a few years ago and the most comfortable chair for reading is in the bedroom. That's where my pillow, Pinky, comes into play as an eyeshade for her. Instead of Art Before Breakfast I made Art before Bedtime.

This is a little "fantasy figure" I made, he's about 3 inches high.  I was trying out different stamps and glazes and I sort of like him.

But this guy is a loser. He'll wind up being a Give-Away or maybe take a train ride.