Saturday, February 6, 2016

Longhorn Red

This is Lester. He's about 3 inches high and is made from Longhorn Red clay.  Sometimes I'm using white clay, sometimes tan clay, sometimes whatever is left by other students.  Oh yeah, I claim those leftovers!  Some people might think I'm just being cheap (well, yes) but let's just consider it "repurposing".

For years and years Susan had this license plate and finally the state of Texas made her give it up for a different one.  After all, we need to have something for our prisoners to do.  Making a mold of the plate and then the plate duplicate with Longhorn Red wasn't my original idea, we saw someone else doing it.  But it was interesting to try.  I'm sure you could do it with polymer clay or with plaster.

So far she hasn't had to give up her car - it's only 16 years old this month.

Netflix gave us 5-star creeps with this great movie, with terrific acting:  The Gift. Another movie where the last 5 minutes change your mind into a totally different direction... maybe.

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Nan G said...

Lester is a cutie and the license plate turned out pretty neat looking. Enjoy your class and using, recycling, those leftover bits of clay. ;)