Thursday, February 11, 2016

Who's Your Daddy?

Picasso at the MOMA.  He did really little stuff that maybe nobody noticed in the display case. These great heads are only about as big as a quarter.

At our Independent Living Retirement Community (that's marketing-speak for Old Folks' Home) we party a lot.  The proof is right here where yours truly and three other volunteers on the Bartenders Guild helped juice up the residents for our Mardi Gras party. Yessir-ee, Open Bar at all our parties! After all, none of us have to drive home.


Seth said...

The smile in the first Picasso piece is very similar to the smiles in the last photo. Hmmmm....

martha brown said...

I want to come and live there.
I get to party all day, everyday now..... but there is no alcohol, sadly.