Friday, October 5, 2018

Open Wide

Me: "I have a toothache that's really bad and it's not going away."
Dental appointment not available for 3 days but dentist prescribes antibiotic, which alleviates some pain.

Next day's dermatology appointment for suspicious leg spot whacking (initial basal cell carcinoma, final report = all clear):  Dermatologist: "It took a little longer because you needed 12 stitches."
(WTF? The spot was the size of a pea!)
"Here's the antibiotic to take."
Susan: "That's different than the one the dentist has him taking."
Dermatologist: "My prescription outranks the dentist's."

2 days later, dentist says tooth is bad, doesn't think a 3rd root canal will solve anything, extraction scheduled with oral surgeon.  Extraction done painlessly, thanks to paying $750 out-of-pocket for IV anesthesia ("Your insurance covers it only if you have 2 teeth removed. Is there another tooth you'd like to have removed?")
Oral surgeon: "This is the antibiotic you need to take."
Susan: "That's different than the one the dermatologist has him taking for that hole now in his leg."
Oral Surgeon: "My prescription outranks the dermatologist's."

Oh boy.
When two MDs conflict, Susan consults the appropriate authority, The Pharmacist: "One prescription is for oral germs, one is for skin germs. Take both and take PeptoBismal with them."
Problem solved.

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martha brown said...

I would have had a second tooth removed :)