Monday, June 23, 2008

Gelatin Plate Printing

Our niece, Lisa, came to visit last month and she and Susan experimented with gelatin plate printing. Susan made three different pans of gelatin and they completely wore one out (we threw the pieces in the back yard rock pile, NOT down the drain), one wasn't used at all and one was almost worn down. Those two remaining pans wasted a lot of refrigerator space for the past 3 weeks and I thought I could claim a partial victory when the almost worn down one got to the completely shriveled up stage. No such luck, Susan just poured boiling water over it to remake it.

Finally she did some experimenting with one of gelatin plates and wanted to use a heavy chunk of shaped rubber to print with. She came to me and asked me if I could cut the chunk down from 6 squares to 4 plus 2 separate squares. She had no idea it was soft rubber and it cut easily with a box cutter. I like it when I get to pretend I've done the manly guy-thing when it really was something she could have easily done herself. The rubber chunk came from our AC repair guys, Louie and Eddie. They love to bring Susan stuff to mess around with.

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