Monday, August 11, 2008

On Target

We picked Janis and Carol up at the hotel for a quick trip to Whole Foods. As soon as Carol had settled in the car she said, "Oh, Don, I've seen your blog and you and Susan seem like such a loving couple!"

Susan and I both burst out laughing. We explained to Carol that she needed to rewind the tape to 15 minutes earlier as we drove to Target to get one stupid item:

D: "If you think you can do a better job, then you can drive!"
S: "Watch out! You're going the wrong way down the parking lane!"
D: "I'm looking for a spot in the shade!"
S: "Just park the damned car in the right direction!"
D: "You want to drive?!? I'm looking for a shady spot."
S: "This is it? You park the %$#*-ing car in the shade to keep it cool but I have to walk back past 4 empty rows in the 175 degree heat to get in the store?!?!"

Why does Target put all the totally useless junk at the front of the store but puts very useful things, like light bulbs, toilet paper and boxer shorts, way in the back? Fortunately, we managed to get out of Target without ripping each other to shreds. So goes a normal day in the life of a loving couple.


Sherry Goodloe said...

This post had me crackin' up with laughter!

The reason Target puts all of the useless junk in the front is the same reason the grocery stores put the milk, eggs, yogurt, etc. in the back of the store . . .so we have to pass all of the OTHER stuff to get to it! They are hoping we'll buy more stuff. LOL

carol said...

This really made me laugh! You two are a hoot! I'm so happy that I gave you fodder for this blog - just remember to say "I love you" as soon as you open your eyes each morning!


Robyn said...

LOL... Sounds like me and my husband!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome. I love it when people tell how it really is. And the love you two seem to share (from just a cursory look from the outside that is) isn't any worse the wear for your honesty. This is the kind of transparency in a blog that keeps me coming back for more, that's for sure. Thank you!

Jbrenner said...

Its tough to live (and love) in day tight compartments. Those cheap and useless products are called loss leader. They get you in the door and shopping.