Sunday, June 29, 2008

Why Heads?

Someone wanted to know why I make so many heads. Here is the answer:

A few years ago I was new again (after 30+ years) to ceramics. A local class with James Tisdale gave me a running start and I followed that up with a week long workshop at Arrowmont taught by Debra Fritts. The first day of the workshop Debra had us all make 4 small heads. Fast. Without thinking about it. Without really knowing what we were doing. Because they were small we were able to see the finished product on the last day of class. Arrowmont is in a beautiful area and as the picture shows, it was spring. We all set our heads out on the wall by the dining area and got lots of compliments from the other students at Arrowmont.

Debra told me she often makes heads without thinking about it, just to keep her hands used to working with clay. So I took her advice. I've made a lot of heads.

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