Saturday, July 19, 2008

Book as Sculpture

Susan made this little book in a class taught by Albie Smith. It's only about 3 inches high. She's already planning to make more of them as soon as she settles down and orders some sort of special paper she wants to use. Something about the best kind of black paper so it doesn't fade a lot. Beats me. Albie is teaching at Art&Soul in Portland and Susan is already whining that she wants to be there.


diane cook said...

I had the opportunity to take one class with Albie at Hampton, and it was my most to Sally Jean's, Susan Lenart Kazmer's and Jane Wynn's~but I am first a jewelry designer. The colors and textures I achieved in her class was more than wonderful; and pure joy down to the depth of my artistic soul~

Diane O. said...

Susan, I was in two of Albies classes with you. Hope you and Don are doing well in TX. Looking forward to next year at Art & Soul will we see the two of you again?

Diane O.

Don Madden said...

Diane O -
I'm counting on it!