Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Susan's Bookmaking, Part 1

Another one of Susan's books from Albie Smith's class at Art & Soul. Albie supplied the paints and after doing her demo told everyone to come up and get a few colors. Susan described it as a piranha feeding frenzy as everyone tried to get the "best" colors. She waited it out and took what was left and was very happy with the dark colors. But Albie was a little worried about her colors. Tomorrow I'll have pictures ready for the next book she did, which distressed Albie even more.


Diane O. said...

I remember it well, it was a bit of a frenzy...Susan's project turned out well...they all did but she had the courage that others didn't to walk on the dark side!

Diane (her sort of partner)

Robyn said...

But they're beautiful colours! I love it!

Jo Horswill said...

I like the idea of using the colours that nobody wanted!!! No pre-concieved ideas...and look at the results, wonderful...Is that a hand print?

Don Madden said...

Jo -
Yes, it is a hand print and there are some, or portions of one, on nearly every page of the book. I'm a very VERY messy, sloppy person so I try to wear gloves (nitrile, not latex) when I work. I didn't plan the handprints, I just couldn't find a stencil at the moment.

Marcy said...

GREAT book!!!! LOVE Albie's classes.