Friday, July 11, 2008

Susan's Moo Cards

Susan: I scanned in 5 different pages I'd made and then manipulated the colors in Photoshop Elements, saving several different color variations of each page. It would also work if you just took a picture of your art rather than scanning it. Moo lets you shift the skinny "choice" window around the image and even rotate it, so just one piece of art can yield a number of different Moo card images. I made 5 different color variations of each page so I uploaded 25 separate images to Moo to get my 100 Minicards.

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Sharon said...

Hi Don! A fellow artist just directed me to your blog - I love it! I too, have MOO cards. What a lot of fun. Plus, they're so easy to give away - everybody wants one.
Love your art - very serendipitous.