Friday, August 15, 2008

A Flag Book

Susan again:
On Monday night it was Mabel Dean's Fabulous Flags - Books with Movement and Dimension. I had a class last year with Mabel so I knew she would be very generous with her supplies and have a lot of ideas, good handouts, and really useful tips and tricks.

The photo is one she shot on a trip to Africa and we all hacked it up to make our flag books. I was supposed to cut off the excess green cover paper on the right side but I just folded it around to make a protective cover.

The best part was the grid she printed for us so that we can easily (well, sort of) make a flag book with our own pictures. Below is a picture of Mabel's flag book she made using a photo her husband took.

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Jo Horswill said...

These flag books look wonderful...I think I just got the inspiration to finish mine!!!