Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fourth Class - Man in the Moon

My fourth class was The Man in the Moon - Metal Clay and Faux Bone™ Pendant, taught by Louise Duhamel and Richard Salley.

The pendant includes both metal smith, metal clay techniques and Faux Bone™ techniques. The pendant, which is made of metal clay, turns on its pin to show a different side (which will remain a mystery to you, my viewer). I learned a lot of patina techniques from Louise and really liked the different colors she helped me achieve.

This is the end of my four days of class at Art Unraveled. I enjoyed meeting everyone in my classes, in the halls, and in the dining room. If I didn't get a chance to meet you, please look for me next year. The best time to find me is at breakfast - I never miss it!


Michael said...

You managed to get the best color out of the liver of sulfur that I saw that whole trip my friend. Nice job. I still want to play more with that stinky stuff. Just need to get a new project to that point! lol


Anonymous said...

thats gorgeous.
and the man in the moon is cool too. :)
maybe i'll come for breakfast.