Sunday, August 10, 2008

McDonald's Dinosaur

I'm tired. It was a long, long, long hot drive home from Phoenix to Austin. I took only about 3 pictures with my camera, Susan took about 50 with hers and then accidentally erased about half of them. But she's not particularly upset because she said they were shot in a hurry and usually in poor light. Let's face it, our purpose in going to Art Unraveled was to take classes, not to document the classes. But she does have some class pictures I'll get her to post later.

In the meantime, if you have children of a certain age, these pictures are for them to enjoy. A healthy, presumably male?, dinosaur. What kind? I have no idea. Ask a 10-year old. As the last picture shows, it is at a McDonald's, in Benson, Arizona.

And what, you ask, was Susan doing at a McDonald's? Susan, who tries not to eat anything that has lips? Using the restroom, of course. And I was buying Senior coffee. That is just about the limit of our use of a McDonald's, although when really pressured by travel constraints, we have bought salads there.

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