Friday, September 19, 2008

Google and Blogger Have a Cranky-Pants Day

Susan, the Blog Wrangler, speaks:

1st, the printer refused to cooperate and made grinding noises. Lifting it up a few inches and dropping it down finally jiggled something back into place so it would copy (it's a 3-in-one) but it wouldn't print. You'd think a 5-year old cheap printer would be more dependable, wouldn't you? Re-set, fiddle, clear printer cache, reset, gnash teeth. About an hour later I finally realized I had jiggled the connector cord loose on the back. Crisis averted.

2nd, my phone stopped make a ring tone. I could only tell a call came in by hearing the phone ring in another room. Found the instruction book, the ringer switch is under a panel I have to take off with a tiny screwdriver (which I have!). Reset the ringer, no luck, decide to just turn up ringer volume on phone in other room. Crisis diverted.

3rd, while dealing with the silent-ring phone I tested it by dialing from my cell phone. It would ring once, answer, and immediately go to a fax tone! We don't have a fax machine attached, we don't have any cordless phones attached, it is a single land line. This has happened several times before and AT&T has no idea why. It will quit happening in a day or so, in the meantime no one can call in. Maybe the moon was full? Crisis may disappear.

4th, and more to the point, Google and Blogger had an extremely Bad-Hair Cranky-Pants day. Ate up posts, made pictures disappear, changed dates, made garbage of editing. Even my Google Images refused to cooperate and show any images. Log in, Log out, repeat again and again. Several times Blogger took me to my (private) blog even though I'd logged in with Don's name and password (good thing we don't keep secrets from each other).

Went to a Help Forum and saw that lots of people were having similar problems, but none like my log-in problem. Posted the problem. Eventually got a response from Google to try Google's Browser (Chrome) instead. I don't think so! If Google is causing the firestorm I sure don't want to throw more gasoline on it. Finally solved problem by doing System Restore back one day and then clearing Cookies and Temporary files. Crisis averted.

Now that it's all over and I only wasted about 6 hours of my day dealing with it all, I have told Don that I will not be putting up any more posts for a few days, that Blogger and his Blog Wrangler need to have some Time Out. He's off to school today, I'm off to the ArtonWindsor group, hoping for better karma all around.

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Betsy Harrison said...

We'll look forward to your return, Intrepid Blog-Wrangler!