Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hand Made

I've hit creative quicksand, I'm avoiding the ceramics lab, and obviously I'm getting nowhere real fast.

Susan spotted this handprint on a truck while we were in New York City. She sees things everywhere that I never even notice. Back in June I posted about the Graffiti Guy she found. The odd thing was that he was only about 6" high, in the middle of a busy street, we were on the second floor of the museum, and she still spotted him.


Robyn said...

Taking my camera everywhere with me has certainly sharpened my awareness to all the little details that I used to miss.

Jo Horswill said...

Hi Don, I came via Robyns blog...and so pleased I did. Will enjoy reading through yours...this hand print is fabulous...I just love it...what a great eye Susan must have...well spotted.

Don Madden said...

Thanks, Jo. Your blog is now marked in my Favorites.