Sunday, September 7, 2008

Robyn's Influence

One of my favorite blog friends is Robyn, who has a great blog and makes fascinating totems. You can see a lot of them on her Flickr site and I spent a lot of time reviewing them the other day. It was time well spent because I think I'm getting my clay groove back.

This unfired piece is only about 8" high. I've always had a problem transitioning from the head to the body of the piece -- what to do about the neck? Robyn's totems gave me the inspiration and solution for this piece. Thank you, Robyn, for helping me find a direction to move in.

Late editing: I just checked this entry and the photo looked bad. I took it in a hurry at school so Susan tweaked it to clean up the background. But it wound up looking wrong. So I had her change the hue and replace the original photo with this one. The clay is called Longhorn Red, not Baby Poop Brown.


Robyn said...

Glad to help. Love the wrap effect.

There's an award for you back at my blog but no pressure to pass it on.

Tara Ross Studios said...

very cool piece, depending on your computer monitor, its hard to tell either way,,,,,,baby poop brown or ........
looks great either way!