Monday, September 22, 2008

Susan - Inch by Inch

EJ gave me Inchies (1" squares) to work on, some were watercolor paper, some cardstock, some thick cardboard-like. I'm not very enthused, they are just too small and fussy to work on. But, trying my best to get a good score in "Plays Well With Others", I get started.

Step 1. Use double-sided re-positionable tape to fasten the Inchies down so they can all be worked on at once. I may not be enthused but I am efficient.

Step 2. Spritz with water then attempt enthusiasm by flinging blue ink on them.

Step 3. Becoming a little more enthused, whip out the heat gun to dry them faster. Mistake. Re-positionable tape doesn't hold onto wet Inchies.

Step 4. Add some yellow.

Step 5. Think about adding some orange, need a clean cup. Improvise by just puddling it on the plastic on the table. In this photo you can view the paint-covered stick (from a previous project) on a paper towel. It actually wasn't supposed to be there but because I laid it down on the paper towel when it was wet it stuck to it when it dried. When I frantically grabbed a paper towel to blot up the ink that overshot the Inchies (see Step 2, word "fling), the stick came along with it.

Step 6. Final product (last step was adding metallic copper).

Don thinks they look like Earth shots from a satellite. I'm liking them better than I thought. Now I just need to figure out what I'm going to do with them.


Sherry Goodloe said...

Nice backgrounds there Susan!

Robyn said...

Great inchies, Susan. I really battle to work smaller now. Even though I used to do a lot of tiny artworks, I am now in bigger mode and get very flustered when I try to work smaller again.

seth said...

I think these came out great!